Cutters Canines



Guard the life of another ceature as if it were your own


Claire has a magical way with animals that cannot be taught - they just seem to love her and do what she asks Helen Masken (client with her dog Biscuit)


I cannot teach what you have in a kid - you either got it or you haven't and you have it in spades (Mr Jackson, Riding Instructor 1975 Garforth Riding Stables)


You are not unintelligent - No just uneducated so do something about it (Prof Cove 1981 Leeds University) * Before I started studying


We miss you and wish you had stayed at Ulleskelf. Lucky people in Pickering (Carol Lehan, client with dog Rosie)



Claire continuously advanced her own Continued Professional Development and completed a FDSc in Canine Behaviour and Training and a BSc(Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour and Training during her time with us to support longstanding pratical experience in both dogs and horses - running her own centre for over 20 plus years. Cutters Caninces Cente specialises in homeboarding training, behavioural consultations, grooming and rehabilitation of rescue horses. I am happy to welcome her back to Puppy School anytime in the future.


Gwen Bailey Puppy School Director

Being a veterinary professional, I respect Claire's sound behavioural training combined with her brilliant technical skills. She has in depth knowledge of animal behaviour understands the human-companion animal bond and can provide people with practical advice. I am also a qualified social worker and can therefore commend her sound principles.

Dr Thelma Meiring BVSc, MMedVet(Path), DACVP, MRCVS

Claire has constantly provided me with expert dog training and behavioural advice and support. she constantly impresses me with her vast knowledge of innate and learned dog behaviour her genuine love of all dogs and her intuitive understanding of their owners. She proves an ethusiastic teacher in group sessions and demonstrates an amazing level of patience and offers suggestions in a very calm and gentle yet effective manner

Dr Elizabeth Steeves BSc, MSc, DVM, MVSc, DACVP, MRCVS

Having worked as a clinician in small animal practice for more than a decade I have consistently been impressed by Claire's depth of knowledge in relation to animal behaviour, her understanding of the human-companion animal bond and ability to provide appropriate practical advice in a way that is supportive, non judgemental and clear. I have had nothing but consistently excellent feedback from people I have referred to her and appreciate her professionalism and commitment to the work that she does.

Dr Nick Carmichael B.ScVetSciHons, BVM&S, DVCS, FRCPath, Diplomate ECVCP, RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Pathology