Cutters Canines


   Guard the life of another ceature as if it were your own

About Us

Cutters Canines was developed over 25 years ago. It had always been my dream to open up an animal sanctuary or something similar and had worked in animal organizations and trained as a BHSAI but was never lucky enough to work in this field full-time having to support myself in more commercial settings such as the University of Leeds, and York. Cutters Canines where dogs can stay in my home finally came a reality when fate took a hand and I was stuck down by a virus. Unable to work full-time for four years, friends kept bringing me their animals to look after, secure in the knowledge that I had the experience, knowledge, and an unerring sence of humour to make their beloved pets secure, stimulated and loved until they returned. Now enjoying better health I realized how lucky it was for serendipity to stop me in my tracks and put me in the right place at last. I have a country background with both my grandparents being farmers and breeding welsh cobs and my own mother being a Labrador breeder and trainer and have been around animals all my life. I am a qualified Puppy School Tutor, City & Guilds qualified groomer and hold an honours degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training. I have studied animal behaviour and trained animals from a very young age and have attended workshops and/or passed exams in Parelli, Tellington Touch, Aromotherapy, Massage, Animal Communication, Animal First Aid, Natural Horsmanship, Dog Training, Intelligent Horsmanship, and clicker training and Reiki I. I am an IABTC qualified canine training and behavioural instructor and a member of the Associated Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).