Puppy School

Guard  the life of another creature as if it were your own

Liberty Pups                         

I'm a trained Puppy School Tutor and run  weekly puppy classes at Prospect Farm, Cropton, Nr Pickering, classes are every Sunday from 10.00 am. These have a high element of training at liberty and therefore are carried out in our fenced off paddocks.


Teach your puppy to be a friendly, obedient companion for life by following the 7-stage programme devised by Gwen Bailey  www.puppyschool.co.uk . Techniques are tried and tested, easy and fun and are based on positive training.


The stages cover the key areas necessary to train the perfect puppy: good behaviour about the house, socializing with other animals and humans;  sit, stay and down with hand signals; walking to heel, recall, settle, 'leave' command, handling, through to simple dog tricks you can both enjoy.  Puppies get two opportunities to socialise with other puppies in the class and learn bite-inhibition.

It's a good chance to get your puppy socialized and be taught the elementary bricks for becoming a well-balanced adult you can take anywhere. The idea is to have fun and learn at the same time. Fully vaccinated puppies taken from 8 weeks to 20 weeks for a six week course. You need to be registered for a course beforehand at a cost of £65.00 with full detailed and illustrated weekly handouts and email support.